śro 23 lutego 2022
Advanced typing structures - how to express your types better and make your code more robust.
pon 16 grudnia 2019
How to prepare your first content-based talk
czw 05 września 2019
Pandas in 2019 - let's see what's new!
pon 22 lipca 2019
Pythonic intro to OpenCV.
nie 05 maja 2019
Dealing with text data using regular expressions. How Pandas can .extract information.
pon 29 kwietnia 2019
Keeping your datasets in the cloud. Pythonic guide on AWS S3 integration.
pon 22 kwietnia 2019
Can Pandas understand that tall is taller than short? Use of categorical variables.
pon 15 kwietnia 2019
GroupBy on steroids, unleash GroupBy's full potential with the use of .agg()
pon 08 kwietnia 2019
For loop in Pandas a.k.a. df.apply(). Why you shouldn't iterate over rows.